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A few spare dollars, a cigar box, and a basic trust in people. It was 1955. Dwight Eisenhower was in the White House. Elvis had not yet had his first hit. And a few members of the Traverse City school system were making a little history of their own. Seeing a need to help educators and school staff with their finances, the small group pooled the $50 needed for a credit union charter.
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Classroom Grant Awarded to Birch Street Elementary

Birch Street Elementary Classroom Grant Winner April 2016

Lisa Sutton of Birch Street Elementary


On April 18th at 3:30pm, TBA Credit Union awarded a $950 Classroom Improvement Grant to Birch Street Elementary in Kalkaska.

Lisa Sutton, a first-grade teacher at Birch Street Elementary, applied for a Classroom Improvement Grant for teaching supplies to give students a hands-on approach to Geometry Math Standards. This is an area that the district wants to improve for their students. Lisa remarked, “We have such eager learners in Kalkaska, and these manipulatives will help them to learn through inquiry, problem-solving, and exploration.” Read More »