Insurance Information

Information on titles and electronic lien titles (ELT)

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Vehicle Insurance

If you have an automobile, boat, recreational vehicle, ATV, etc., financed with TBA Credit Union, please make sure we are listed as the lienholder on your insurance policy:

TBA Credit Union
PO Box 924452
Ft. Worth, TX 76124

Minimum Requirements

  • Deductibles no higher than $1,000
  • Full coverage; comprehensive and collision
  • No excluded drivers

Insurance Collision Waivers

  • Must provide a specific reason for requesting collision to be waived.
  • If collateral is damaged while collision is waived, you are responsible for any costs.
  • A collision waiver is good for 6 months, if you need to extend the waiver contact TBACU for an extension.

Total Loss Process

  • Contact TBA Credit Union with the following information:
    • Date of loss
    • Claim number
    • Settlement amount
    • Insurance provider
    • Insurance agent and their contact information
  • Your insurance agent can reach out directly to TBACU with the above information.
  • Please remember you are still responsible for the monthly payments while we wait for the settlement check.
  • If there is going to be a remaining balance after the settlement check, we can help with balance payoff, GAP insurance, or applying for a loan to pay off the balance.
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Homeowners Insurance

If you have a mortgage with TBA Credit Union, please make sure TBA Credit Union is listed as the lienholder on your insurance policy:

Contact your TBA Credit Union representative for an accurate mortgagee clause.

Additional Information

  • When changing your hazard insurance company contact TBACU to let us know the new insurance information.
  • Mortgagee clause and loan number.