Box Tops Challenge

The winner of the 2019 Box Tops Challenge is…. Kingsley Elementary School!

Kingsley Elementary School Logo

TBA Credit Union has wrapped up its fourth and final Annual Box Tops Challenge by awarding Kingsley Elementary School 2,060 box tops, worth $206.00 for the school.

TBA Credit Union launched the Box Tops Challenge in 2016. Box tops were collected at both TBACU branches throughout the year to be awarded to a participating school. Schools registered in the challenge competed for the most Facebook “likes” during the year, with the most “liked” photo being the winner of all the box tops. In 2019, Kingsley Elementary was one of nine registered schools and received 324 likes on their photo.

The Box Tops for Education Program was created to support education and schools. While Box Tops is still collecting any remaining physical box top clippings, the program is moving to electronic earnings. Consumers who want to earn money for a school will simply scan their grocery store receipt on the Box Tops app, and the app will find participating products to instantly add cash to the school’s earnings online. Since the program will be completely electronic, TBA Credit Union has ended the annual challenge.