Maximize Your Savings

Learn simple ways to save money and create good money habits. Below are some steps to maximize your savings and help you achieve financial freedom.

Get Started: Small Steps Go a Long Way.

Your savings journey does not have to put a strain on your life. Start by putting aside a small amount of money. The small amounts may not seem like much, but soon you will see your savings start to grow and be one step closer to your financial goals.

Helpful Tip: Every cent counts! Do you have spare change piling up? Easily swap it out for cash and deposit the funds into your account with a coin machine. You can find one at many financial institutions including TBA Credit Union. Our members and the public are welcome to visit our Front Street branch to use the coin machine. Plus, it is completely free for our members to use (Non-members will incur a 10% fee).

Earn Interest on Your Money

Earn interest on your savings. An interest-bearing account will pay interest on a percentage of your savings. There are many different types of accounts that allow you to earn interest on your money. Learn more about TBA Credit Union’s rates.

Automate Your Savings

Try putting your savings on autopilot. Wendy De La Rosa, a behavioral scientist, advocates for the “set it and forget it” approach. Automatic recurring transfers from your paycheck will help you save money and avoid unnecessary spending.

Helpful Tip: Several financial institutions offer automatic roundup programs on their debit or credit card. Here’s how it works: when making purchases with your card, the total will round up to the nearest dollar, and the change is added to your savings account. For a $1.75 purchase, the amount rounds up to $2.00. The $0.25 difference will go directly into your savings. Check out TBA Credit Union’s Debit Card Round-Up program.

We’re so excited to help you find more ways to save! Explore these resources and information to learn how to level up your savings (These resources are for educational purposes only).


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