New Mobile App Update

On Wednesday, October 3, 2018, a new update to the TBACU Mobile App will be available. Depending on members’ device settings, the update may automatically take place or members will have to visit the app store on their device to manually launch the update. New features include Card Control and easier access to Bill Pay.

  • Card Control- Members will now be able to temporarily turn off their TBACU Debit and/or Credit Cards right from our app! The new Card Control feature will be found under the More menu. The first time the feature is launched, members will be guided through a series of screens introducing the new feature then all of their TBACU Debit and Credit Cards will be automatically be loaded.
  • Bill Pay- Instead of members having to dig through the My Accounts menu to make their way to Bill Pay, it will be available under the Move Money icon along with Pay Anyone, Deposit Check, and Transfer Money.
  • Removing the RDC Tips Screen- To save members time while depositing multiple checks, we have removed the RDC Tips page and will be relocating the information to the Assist section of the mobile app.

Haven’t downloaded the TBACU Mobile App yet and want to learn more? Please visit our mobile app page by clicking below.

TBACU Mobile App