“The TBACU team was an absolute joy to work with, great attitudes, very member/guest focused and everyone jumped in to make it a fantastic event. VFI Marketing works with a lot of credit unions and the TBACU staff that was working the event, are “A” players, not many CU’s deliver this type of performance. Just thought you should know.”-Brian T. with VFI Marketing | Bloomfield Hills, MI | August 2017

“I love TBA Credit Union and recommend it to people all the time. It was the best move I ever made.”-Thomas E. | Traverse City, MI | July 2017

“Judy Jewel is terrific! We met her when we were looking for a new credit union. We had moved from Ann Arbor where we were with University of Michigan Credit Union. She walked us through the transition from U of M to TBA. She made it very easy for us. We went to see her when we bought a new vehicle, and she helped us through all of the steps for a new loan. We always enjoy working with her!”-Sandra & Gary H. |Traverse City, MI | March 2017

“So easy, I applied one day and the next day I was signing the paperwork. I did this all online in a different city! Got a great rate and am happy. I have heard a lot of great things about TBA Credit Union so when it was my time to get a car loan I knew exactly who I wanted to go through. Thanks!” -Eddie P. |Grand Rapids, MI | March 2017

“I worked with Julia drafting a loan for a motorcycle to be purchased out of state. with TBA the process was incredibly painless and the amount of professionalism and knowledge shown was stellar. Low rate, the length and terms I wanted, all five minutes from my house. If you’re in Traverse City and are in the market, TBA has what you need.”– John B.| Traverse City, MI | September 2016

“Why do I bank with TBA Credit Union? That’s easy. It’s their people. Their core business platform has three components. These are mutual respect, trust and exceptional customer service. It is embedded in their culture. It is better than banking with your best friend. Sure, they have electronic banking tools. They are good. However, every time I am in a branch I am recognized by my name. They know me. I also know they value my business and my membership. I like that. I think you will too. I have been a member since 1979. TBA is my first choice as a banking partner.”– Jim M.| Traverse City, MI | September 2016

More than 10 years ago, a bank gave us an opportunity to buy a car. With a young family and very little credit they took a chance on us. For more than 10 years, TBA Credit Union was just that, a place to get a car loan. Then it all changed…the big bank we were using for both personal and business lost its edge. They were just a bank and nothing more, not to mention their customer service was less than desirable. We were just numbers. Tired of the stiffness and the hassles we decided to take our business and personal banking to TBA. We were immediately part of the family! What a change, I had no idea! It’s so simple to strike up a conversation, learn people’s names and treat clients as part of the bigger picture and that is exactly what TBA has done. I do business deposits every couple of days, the teller staff know me by name, they know about my business and I know about them too. We have a real conversation while doing deposits, not the surface kind. When my husband and I need additional financing for our businesses we meet with the branch manager, she is not only an amazing leader but she does all that she can to help us grow our businesses. She takes time for us, she knows our stories she and TBA are part of our story. Our daughters have been welcomed into the TBA family too, two of them now have car loans through TBA, which helps them start their credit and gives them the example of what a banking relationship should be. In return, TBA has a loyal family, brand advocates and plenty of banking products. I will never go anywhere else for my banking needs. Thank you TBA for believing in us so long ago!”-Nicholeen F. | Traverse City, MI | September 2016

“I find all the tellers at TBA to be very friendly and helpful, always taking the time you need. I enjoy the whole physical office, (except the ATM outdoor machine!) I found myself a new widow, back in March, with many, many financial and other issues to work through and solve. I worked with Meghan Elliot to help resolve much of this. As issues still crop up, I contact her and she helps me enormously. I have told people she is one of my heroes in dealing with all the issues that widowhood brings! I also found Andrew to be immensely helpful with consolidating investments, he went the extra mile to help me with investments.” Pat H. | Traverse City, MI | August 2016

“I can’t thank Andrea enough for all she has done for us and continues to do.  I feel she has done more than just her job and will continue to do business with her from here on out. I hope she is recognized for the amazing work and effort she had put into her job for her customers and can’t thank her enough.” – Jeramy S. | Kalkaska, MI | May 2016

“TBA is my Bank for life. They have helped me tremendously over the past years , especially Lindsey Erickson who helped me to get back on track financially. Thank You TBA, and Thank You Lindsey.” – Michelle D. | Traverse City, MI | May 2016

“Trey did an excellent job guiding us in choosing a loan product that would meet our needs.  He was very knowledgeable, readily available to answer questions and stayed in contact with us during the loan process.  I would highly recommend him to our friends in the market for a loan.” -Michelle & Tom O. | Traverse City, MI | May 2016