Paul Bunyan Chapter Challenge Winner

TBA Credit Union has been announced as the 2020 Paul Bunyan Chapter Challenge winner. 4Front Credit Union, Filer Credit Union, Forest Area Federal Credit Union, Safe Harbor Credit Union, and TBA Credit Union all participated in the 5th Annual Paul Bunyan Chapter Challenge.

The challenge is a friendly competition to see which credit union volunteers the most hours per team and board member each year. Volunteer hours completed by staff and board members are tracked, and credit union rankings are updated throughout the year. As the winners of the 2020 challenge, TBA Credit Union volunteered 16 hours per team member, with Forest Area Federal Credit Union close behind, volunteering 13 hours per team member.

“As a chapter, our teams volunteered over 3,990 hours within the communities that we serve, from Ludington to Petoskey,” says Karen Browne, CEO of TBA Credit Union. “Credit Unions were built on the foundation of people helping people, and this friendly challenge continues to demonstrate how we place the needs of people over profit.”

Additional details are available at along with the current rankings for the 2021 Paul Bunyan Chapter Challenge. Proudly serving the residents of Michigan, the Paul Bunyan Chapter is a community of cooperative minded credit unions.

TBA Credit Union