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Overdraft Protection

Protect yourself against the cost and inconvenience of returned checks with Overdraft Protection. Choose to have funds automatically transferred from your savings account or Value Line of Credit.

Savings Overdraft Protection- Link your checking account to any TBA savings account and we will automatically transfer the exact amount of funds needed to cover your overdraft. Any transfers will appear on your next statement or can be viewed online. For each overdraft transfer, a small fee will be deducted from your savings account.

Value Line of Credit- Any time a check exceeds the available balance in your account, an advance is made from your Value Line of Credit directly to your checking account. Like Savings Overdraft Protection, any transfers will appear on your statement or be available to view online. A small fee is deducted from the Value Line only when a transfer occurs.

Please contact our Service Center or by calling 231.946.7090  to learn more.

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