Student Accounts

Money Magic Club (Age 0-12)

TBA Credit Union wants to help guide students on their journey to master the enchanting subject of money by making saving a fun and educational experience. That’s why we’ve developed “The Money Magic Club,” a program designed to teach students that saving money, even a little at a time, can be magical!

              • $5 minimum balance                                                                                                                        with no monthly service fee.
              • Passbook of Secrets                                                                                                                             to record transactions and win prizes.
              • Crystal Birthday Ball                                                                                                                         MMC members will receive a birthday card inviting them to cast a spell on a crystal ball and receive a special gift.
              • Money Magic Club newsletter                                                                                                  Exclusive newsletter to help your student navigate the financial world.
              • Automatic enrollment in iTeens                                                                                                   MMC Members will be automatically enrolled in iTeens on their thirteenth birthday.

Money Magic Club Passbook of Secrets-How does it work?

Once you complete each level of knowledge by tracking 25 deposits in your Passbook of Secrets, you can turn in your Passbook into either branch or at a Student-Run Credit Union. Members will then receive the next level of Passbook and be entered into a quarterly drawing. When your apprenticeship is complete, you could win $10. At the completion of the sorcery level, you could win $15, and once you become a master, you could win $25!

Level 1-Apprentice
Level 2-Sorcerer
Level 3-Master

Click the link below to access a printable application to open a Money Magic Account. Once completed, please return to either our Front Street or South Airport Branch.

Money Magic Application

iTeens (Age 13-17)

Smart money habits start young.  Help your teen gain important financial skills while saving money to use towards a future goal with TBA Credit Union’s iTeens account. Banking today is not what it used to be. Convenient, mobile,

              • $5 minimum balance                                                                                                                           with no monthly service fee
              • Free ATM/Debit card1                                                                                                                      For flexible spending and unlimited surcharge-free transactions with CO-OP Network ATMS.
              • Free Mobile App                                                                                                                               with Remote Deposit Capture.²
              • Online Banking                                                                                                                                 with Bill Pay.
              • iTeens Connect                                                                                                                                 exclusive newsletter to help your teen navigate the financial world.
              • Social Media                                                                                                                                      Follow, like, and watch TBACU so you’re the first to know what’s new.
              • Happy Birthday                                                                                                                                iTeens members will receive a birthday card to inviting them to either branch to draw a gift card valued at %5, $10, or even $50.
              • Saver of the Month Giveaway                                                                                                     Make a minimum of two $10 deposits within a month and iTeens members are automatically entered to win a $10 gift card!

Click the link below to access a printable application to open a iTeens Account. Once completed, please return to either our Front Street or South Airport Branch.

iTeens Application

1.Some restrictions may apply. ATM transactions are free when used at a CO-OP Network ATM. TBA will charge a $1 fee to use all other non CO-OP Network ATM machines and you may be charged a fee by the owner. 2.Deposits can be made electronically, at a TBACU branch, or at a Student-Run Credit Union. Members can become Saver of the Month once per each calendar year.