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Commercial ACH Origination Service

Streamline you business. Our Commercial ACH Origination offers you an all-in-one service. 

  • Payroll Direct Deposit: This service allows the business member to deposit payroll earnings directly into their employees’ accounts.  Employees can also automatically distribute their payroll earnings into different savings and checking accounts within multiple financial institutions. 
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) Direct Deposit: This service offers a quick and easy way for a business member to transfer funds from their corporate account to their employees’ HSA account.
  • Electronic Child Support Payments & Garnishments: Provides the convenience of paying mandated child support and other garnished wages electronically.
  • Corporate Transfers & Cash Management: Transfer funds, manage cash, pay business partners, and schedule pre-authorized payments from customers and vendors. A business member can also use the above service to withdraw payments from authorized business partners for delivery or shipment of products.
  • Electronic Bill Payments:Consumers can have their bills paid electronically by authorizing the business to withdraw the payment owed on each payment due day.

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SBA PPP Loan Forgiveness 

The SBA has released initial guidance on the forgiveness process for the CARES Act PPP Loan program. The SBA has announced they will begin receiving applications as early as August 10th. For more information about the process, see the SBA site for more details. TBA has communicated with all current PPP borrowers via email and provided initial instructions for how to proceed.  While we are still waiting for final guidance on how to submit forgiveness to the SBA, we have received the Forgiveness Applications and Instructions and have them below for your review. We will continue to update the page as we get more instructions from the SBA.

Most small businesses will use the EZ documents to request PPP Loan Forgiveness:

  1. PPP Forgiveness 3508EZ Application Instructions & Checklist
  2. PPP Forgiveness 3508 EZ Application Form

IF a business does not qualify for the EZ Application, the PPP Forgiveness FULL application is below:

  1. PPP Loan Forgiveness Full Application Calculator & Instructions
  2. PPP Forgiveness Full Application

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“When I needed business help in the midst of Covid-19, Andrea at TBA Credit Union was immediately helpful. She started a PPP loan process ASAP for me, kept me in the loop with changes, and communicated frequently and clearly. TBA showed up for me in a way I’ve never experienced with another bank, and I’m so appreciative of their care for and attention to small business customers.”- Mareesa Orth, Design by Reese LLC | May 2020