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Merchant Capture

Merchant Capture is a simple and effective way for Merchant Members to capture checks from their home or office using a check scanner. After checks have been scanned, the batches are submitted for processing and users are able to know the status of their deposit thru the portal site. Once batches are submitted for processing, users can view the status and activity of their deposits via the Members Portal.

Key Advantages of Merchant Capture.

  • Make your funds available faster.
  • Make deposits anytime.
  • Save time preparing deposits.
  • Consolidate funds from remote locations into TBA Credit Union
  • Cut costly courier fees or trips to the financial institution.
  • Reduce risk of check fraud.

Is Merchant Capture for you?

Does your business:

  • Have multiple locations?
  • Make deposits after normal banking hours?
  • Pay transportation costs to deliver deposits?
  • Receive checks with large dollar amounts?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then Merchant Capture may benefit your company. It’s like having a 24-hour teller right in your office.

  • Get faster funds availability – With electronic deposits, checks can be deposited into your account sooner, so your money is working smarter for you.
  • Make deposits anytime – Enjoy the convenience of making deposits electronically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even weekends.
  • Save time preparing deposits – Preparing deposits electronically is very efficient, reducing labor costs and freeing up staff for other tasks.
  • Save time and money – Electronic deposits can reduce trips to the bank and eliminate costly courier fees.
  • Streamline your cash flow – Check deposits can easily be made from any remote office or storefront. This makes it easy to consolidate deposits from multiple locations into a single bank.
  • Reduce risk of check fraud – Faster check clearing may allow you to act sooner on returned checks, increasing your opportunities for collection.
  • Work more securely – Multiple layers of security include password protection, Internet firewalls, and 128-bit encryption – the highest level of security commercially available.

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  1. A PC with an open USB 2.0 port and a current version of VIsta (32 bit or 64 bit) Windows 7 (32 bit or 64 bit), or Windows 8 and Internet Explorer® 9 or newer.
  2. A properly installed desktop check scanner.

Commercial ACH Origination Service

Streamline you business. Our Commercial ACH Origination offers you an all-in-one service. 

  • Payroll Direct Deposit: This service allows the business member to deposit payroll earnings directly into their employees’ accounts.  Employees can also automatically distribute their payroll earnings into different savings and checking accounts within multiple financial institutions. 
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) Direct Deposit: This service offers a quick and easy way for a business member to transfer funds from their corporate account to their employees’ HSA account.
  • Electronic Child Support Payments & Garnishments: Provides the convenience of paying mandated child support and other garnished wages electronically.
  • Corporate Transfers & Cash Management: Transfer funds, manage cash, pay business partners, and schedule pre-authorized payments from customers and vendors. A business member can also use the above service to withdraw payments from authorized business partners for delivery or shipment of products.
  • Electronic Bill Payments:Consumers can have their bills paid electronically by authorizing the business to withdraw the payment owed on each payment due day.

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BizLink 247 Mobile App

Major enhancements for our mobile app are coming soon including:

  • New Widgets
  • Debit & Credit Card Control
  • Stay up to date with our Commercial Team
  • In the Works: Positive Pay for Checks & ACH
Available on the App Store.Get it on Google play.




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Chris Milliron
Chief Lending Officer

Chris has 15 years of experience in commercial lending, consumer loans, and mortgages. Chris enjoys working with business owners to find ways to best help their business thrive, whether they just starting out or expanding and growing. Combining his experience and commitment to member service provides Chris a solid platform to help businesses with their lending needs.






Mark Guimond, Community Relationship Manager

Mark Guimond
Commercial Relationship Manager
231.946.7090 x7107


Mark has over 35 years of Credit Union experience in both business and member service. Mark is excited to help our business community grow by tailoring TBACU products and services to fit your needs in both savings and lending areas. Providing exceptional service and products allows our members to focus on growing their business.





Andrea Stagg, Service Center Manager

Andrea Stagg
Commercial Loan Administrator

Andrea has over 10 years of Credit Union experience in member service and lending. Andrea is excited to work with business owners new and established to help grow their business. With a wide range of credit union knowledge she can assist with all business lending needs.