Savings Accounts

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We understand the importance of saving for your future, so we offer a range of savings account options to suit your needs. Whether you’re saving for a rainy day, a big purchase, retirement, or school, we have an account that’s right for you.

Our savings accounts provide a secure and convenient way to grow your funds. Plus, with features like online and mobile banking, access to over 30,000 fee-free ATMs nationwide, and personalized customer service, managing your savings has never been easier! Learn more below about which account is right for you.

Membership Savings

Membership Savings Account
• One-time $10 Membership fee and minimum $5 deposit.
• Dividends paid quarterly.
• Accessible at over 30,000 ATMs nationwide with an ATM card.1
• Available 24/7 via ItsMe247 Online Banking or our TBACU Mobile App.
• Avoid monthly service charge by maintaining $100 balance or establishing additional products or services.

       Sub-Share Accounts
       When you open a Membership Savings Account, you can open additional savings accounts to save for.
       • Customize accounts with nicknames through Online Banking or the TBACU Mobile App.
       • Transfer funds quickly.

Health Savings Account (HSA)
To determine if you are eligible for an HSA account, please consult your health insurance provider or visit the IRS website.
Visit our Health Savings Account page for more information.

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Youth Accounts

Coverdell Education Account
• Can be established for any beneficiary who is under age 18 or is a special needs beneficiary.
• Withdrawals including earnings are tax-free if used to pay for qualified education expenses for the owner before they reach the age of 30.
• No Fees (must have an established membership).
• Dividends paid quarterly.
• Free e-Statements. 

Take Your Savings Further

Debit Card Round-Up
TBACU is excited to offer members a great way to save! Our Debit Card Round Up Program rounds up each debit card transaction to the nearest dollar, and transfers that change into your savings account.

For example, if you make transactions for $4.50, $10.90, and $6.30 using your TBACU Debit Card, at the end of the day you would see one Debit Card Round Up credit for $1.30 deposited into your savings account. Yet another great way TBACU can help you save money!

Start Saving Today!
Log into your online banking account on your desktop. On the sidebar click on Debit Card Roundup under Your Offers. You can also sign up using our mobile app, under the More section.

Need help? Call or text our Service Center team at 231.946.7090 or visit our website to chat with a live representative or schedule an appointment.

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1A $1 fee will be charged for use of ATMs outside the CO-OP ATM Network.