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We are proud to bring Banzai, an award-winning financial literacy education platform, to your students. Banzai’s interactive modules, workbooks, and educational content have helped millions of students prepare for real-world finance. Learn more about this great financial education resource. 


Zogo is a gamified financial literacy app that rewards users for completing bite-sized financial literacy lessons. Level up and earn while you learn, with real-life rewards — like gift cards to your favorite stores.

  • Learn: 300+ bite-sized, action-based modules tackling topics like saving for retirement, buying a car or opening a checking account.
  • Play: Complete daily trivia, work through the modules and level up as you go, going from student of small change to currency conqueror!
  • Earn: Answering questions, completing modules and referring friends earn you points that lead to real rewards. Finally, it pays to learn about finance —literally.

Download the Zogo app and start your financial literacy journey today. 


Register for free access to resources like these: to register for free access to resources like these:

  • The Time Value of Money
  • What Gives the Dollar Bill it’s Value
  • How to Spot a Counterfeit Bill

These financial literacy and education resources help credit unions promote financial literacy to assist their members with making smarter financial decisions. Find out more about financial literacy resources through the NCUA!

Test your financial knowledge with these fun activities and apps! 

InCharge Debt Solutions

Find some great resources for students from elementary to college. Teachers can also find some great information to teach students about debt relief, student loan forgiveness and more. Learn more about InCharge Debt Solutions!

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement is offering learning programs for students in grade levels from kindergarten through fifth. Start Learning with Junior Achievement! 

My Move

My Move offers comprehensive guides for parents to help provide their kids with a baseline of financial literacy so they can have the information needed to make smart educated decisions. Learn more about My Move.

Test your Financial Knowledge

Test your knowledge!

Check out these printable worksheets and coloring pages that test your knowledge!

Financial Worksheets

Budgeting   |   Budgeting Answer Key 

Money   |  Money Answer Key 

Credit   |   Credit Answer Key

Employment Word Search

Financial Crossword Puzzle 

Financial Coloring Pages

 Design Your Own Money Activity

Piggy Bank Coloring Page

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