TBACU Invested In Scholarship

The TBACU Invested In Scholarship was launched in 2019 to help fund continued education for students attending college who are committed to volunteerism. Two $1,000 scholarships will be awarded to two students each year.

We are now accepting applications for our Invested In Scholarship. Please submit the form below to receive your scholarship application. Please Note: We will be sending application packets via email this year, so please be sure to include a good email address below. Applications for the Invested In Scholarship will be due Friday, March 5.

Due to COVID-19 and current travel restrictions, we will not be offering the Study Abroad Scholarship in 2021. Instead we will be offering an additional Invested In Scholarship. 

2020 Recipients: Abbey W., Buckley High School and Sydney Y., Glen Lake High School

Questions? Please contact our Marketing Team at 231.946.7090 or marketing@tbacu.com

*TBACU employees and family of employees are not eligible for this scholarship. Recipients of the scholarship must be a TBACU member.