Transfer funds from payment apps to your TBA Credit Union account instantly.

Banking is made easy with these convenient and secure e-Services. Bank at any time, from anywhere. 

Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay Available

These digital wallet solutions are now available for all TBACU Debit and Credit Cardholders. Members can enjoy the convenience of making secure payments in stores, within apps, and online all from a mobile device or smartwatch. Here are the steps on how to get started, if you have any questions please call or text our local Service Center team at 231.946.7090 or stop by a branch and our team would be happy to help!

If you receive an error message while trying to load your debit card into digital wallet, please contact our Service Center by calling or texting 231.946.7090 as we may have to reissue a new debit card. We apologize for the inconvenience.

How to Get Started:

Apple Pay

  1. Visit the Settings icon on your phone and select Wallet & Apple Pay.
  2. Enter your TBACU Credit and Debit Card’s information.
  3. Your cards are now ready!
  4. Learn more and view a list of retailers that accept Apple Pay.

Google Pay

  1. Locate the Google Pay app on our device, if you do not see if you can download the app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Enter your TBACU Credit and Debit Card’s information.
  3. Your cards are now ready!
  4. Learn more and view a list of retailers that accept Google Pay.

Samsung Pay

  • In Stores: Forget looking through your wallet and handing over a card the next time you’re in a store. With Android Pay, you can unlock your phone, place it near a contactless terminal, and you’re good to go. Tap and pay is that fast, that easy.
  • In Apps: Tired of entering your payment and address details every time you make in-app purchases? Next time just select Android Pay at checkout and leave the rest to us.
  • Learn more about Samsung Pay.
Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay Logos

e-Alerts & e-Notices

An e-Alert notifies you of account activity by sending you an email, text message, or online mailbox message when certain event criteria is met. An e-Notice alerts you of any periodic changes or updates to your account such as a CD renewal.  You’ll receive the notice in the It’sMe247 secure Message Center (just click ‘My Messages’).  You can also choose to receive a text message or email notifying you that the e-Notice has been generated.


Login to TBACU Mobile App

  • Click on More, then e-Alerts
  • Create a new e-Alert

Select Account Thresholds to create alerts for account balances that can be texted or emailed to you


On your desktop login to
TBA Credit Union Online Banking

  • On the sidebar under Banking Made Easy, enroll for Text Banking
  • Once complete, go to eAlerts and Text Notifications

Select Account Thresholds to create alerts for account balances that can be texted or emailed to you


  • Speed –  e-Statements arrive as much as 5-7 days before a paper statement.
  • Convenience – View your statement anywhere you have internet access.
  • Security – Accessing statements electronically reduces the chance they will be lost or stolen.
  • Safety for the environment – Paper is eliminated, making e-Statements an environmentally-friendly option.
  • Affordability –  The service is absolutely free.

How will I know when my statement is available?

You will receive an email notification reminding you when your statement is available online.

Will I continue receiving statements via the mail?
Once registered for e-Statements, you will only receive notifications of your statements (including your TBACU Visa statement) via email.

Can I get a hard copy of my e-Statement?
Yes! You will find up to 18 months of printable PDF statements and check images when you sign into It’sMe247 Online banking. Printers are available at both TBACU branches for printing e-Statements.

View Tax Statements

Save time and enjoy peace of mind by accessing your tax statements through ItsMe247 online banking and mobile banking. Members will now be able to access the following tax statements online:

  • 1098
  • 1098-E
  • 1099-A
  • 1099-C
  • 1099 INT
  • 1099-Q
  • 1099-SA
  • 5498*
  • 5498-ESA*
  • 5498-SA*

For any questions on how to access your statements, please contact our Service Center team at 231.946.7090. If you have questions regarding what documents you will need for the IRS, we suggest you reach out to your accountant.

*Please note 5498 tax statements will not be available until after April 15.

It’sMe247 Online Banking

  • Easy – Apply for a loan or new account with a click of the mouse.
  • Convenient – Access account information 24/7.
  • Customizable – Create an experience you’ll want to revisit with color, photo options, and nicknames for your accounts.
  • Helpful – Manage all of your finances (Checking, Savings, Loans, Credit Cards, etc) in one place.
  • Security – Are you looking to add additional security to how your accounts are accessed online? Please contact our Service Center team to learn more about our Personal Internet Branch (PIB) service.
  • Useful – Find valuable financial and security information as well as helpful forms including a Withdrawal Limit Increase and VISA Limit Request.

Have questions about It’s Me 247 Online Banking? Check out the It’s Me 247 Online Banking FAQ or contact our Service Center at 231.946.7090. 

Mobile Banking 

Providing secure mobile access to accounts, TBA Credit Union’s free Mobile Banking allows you to manage funds anytime, anywhere. With online banking and an internet-enabled mobile device*, simply log in at tbacu.com/mobile for quick account reference.

  • View account balances & transactions.
  • Transfer funds between accounts.
  • Find branch locations and hours.
  • Search for the nearest ATM location.

Real-Time Payments (RTP) 

Do you use Cash App, PayPal, Venmo, or Square? Instantly transfer funds from popular payment apps right to your TBACU checking account! No need to wait 1-3 business days for your money. Log in to your payment app of choice and get started today. *Please note that the payment apps may charge a standard fee of approximately 1.75% for instant transfers. 


  • What are real-time payments?
    • Real-time payments (RTP) are payments that are initiated and settled nearly instantaneously. You can make real-time payments 24x7x365, including weekends and holidays. 
  • How do real-time payments differ from regular transfer payments?
    • Regular payment transfers take 1-3 business days. With real-time payments, you can transfer funds received immediately into your account, providing you immediate access to your funds. 
  • What value do real-time payments bring?
    • Real-time payments offer several benefits:
      • Speed: Payments settle instantly, providing immediate access to funds.
      • End-to-end Communication: Real-time payments connect payment data in a single transaction, improving communication between payers and payees.
      • Efficiency: Instant payment confirmation notifications from your payment app.

Personal Internet Branch (PIB) Online Security

PIB Online Security is a set of controls to manage access and services within your online banking account. Used to help educate young users, reduce the risk if someone steals your password or to limit access and services available to a co-owner or accountant, with PIB Online Security you can:

  • Determine the days of the week and times of the day your online account is accessible.
  • Limit access to your online account to the designated computer.
  • Determine what types of transactions are allowed, and thresholds.

Contact our Service Center team to enroll your online banking account. Already have a PIB account? You can manage your PIB Security controls here.

Text Banking Commands

Go mobile with Text Banking Commands (Message and data rates may apply). Utilize the programmed text commands or customize your own.

  • Pay your loans
  • Transfer funds
  • View account balances

To register, log into It’sMe247 Online Banking and click “Go Mobile!” or log into the TBACU Mobile app, select Accounts, then Text Banking.

Text Banking Commands FAQ

What are custom text banking command?

Custom text banking commands allow you to pay on your loan, transfer funds, or view account balances.

What are the programmed text banking commands?

Text CommandAction
Balance for all eligible accounts
BAL BIZBalance for up to three savings or checking accounts
BAL 010Balance for a specific account
BAL BIZ 010Balance for a specific membership and account combination
STOPTurns off all text banking
STOP BIZTurns off text banking for a specific account
HELPThe customer service number

How do I create custom text banking commands?

You can create custom commands using the TBACU Mobile app or ItsMe247 Online banking.

Mobile App: Once logged into the mobile app. Select Accounts at the bottom of the screen. Click on Text Banking, Text Transfers, and Create New Transfer Code. Follow instructions to create new code.

Online Banking: Hover over Go Mobile and click on More Information under Text banking. Select Transfer Codes. Follow instructions to create code.

How do I text banking commands?

Text the text banking command, TRANS, to 46247, along with your custom command and the amount, and funds will be transferred immediately.

Example Text: TRANS MYCODE 100.00

Do I need a dollar sign when transferring funds?

No. You do not need a dollar when transferring funds

Example Text: TRANS MYCODE 100.00

I have multiple accounts connected to my phone number. Can I still use text banking?

Yes. If you have more than one membership tied to your cell phone number, you will need to include your “membership nickname” in your text command. Your membership nickname can be found using the TBACU Mobile app or ItsMe247 Online Banking.

I have received an error message.

If you receive an error message, please double check the follow:

  • If you added a dollar sign, remove it.
  • Double check you are using the correct custom code.
  • If you have multiple accounts tied to your number, include your “membership nickname”
  • If these fixes do not work call or text our Service Center at 231.946.7090. They are available Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5pm.